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West Palm Beach AC Expert West Palm Beach, FL 561-463-6404We have a come a long way from ACs being a luxury item found in the households of wealthy people. If you live in West Palm Beach, FL, then you are no stranger to the hot and dank summers of this region. Buying an air conditioner requires lots of research as it is an expensive investment and not choosing wisely can result in heavy energy bills each month. Apart from doing your own due diligence and asking from friends, another important step in buying an AC is to speak to an expert who understands how AC works and what components are necessary according to your space, budget and requirements. So, if you want to prevent yourself the headache of making the wrong selection and living with it, we recommend that you speak to our consultants at West Palm Beach AC Expert. We provide free consultation and affordable AC installation service to commercial and residential clients. No need to make a disappointing purchase when you have an expert just a phone call away on 561-463-6404!


Centralized air conditioners:

This unit is centralized and provides cool air throughout the property with the help of AC ducts installed in strategic places across the house or office. When the air temperature becomes warmer than the required temperature, air flows into the unit via ducts that cool it and send it back into the room. This is the ideal choice for a large villa like homes or office complexes. However, their installation is a thorough job that requires planning. The experts need to assess the unit size in order to ensure proper cooling and ensure that the utility bills are no more than they should be.

Ductless, mini-split ACs:

These ACs are ideal when they need to be installed in separate rooms without the need for ducts across the room. This model is broken into two units, an internal one that is mounted on a wall and the external unit that is placed outside the room. If you are someone who requires individual units in each room with greater temperature control, then this is the right option for you.

Window ACs:

The first image that your mind conjures when one talks about an AC is the large box-like units that are fitted on the room windows. These units suck the warm air out of the room and emit it out the back and blow cool air into the room, making it a relevant choice for cooling small spaces. Window ACs are not a good option for larger rooms as they take longer to cool and result in higher energy bills.

Portable air conditioners:

Almost similar to a window AC, the warm air is emitted out of the room by using an exhaust pipe and the vents blow out cool air, keeping the temperatures in the room brisk. However, the one major difference between a window AC and portable AC is that they can shifted from room to room and do not need to be mounted on a window. They make for a perfect choice for someone who moves around a lot or lives in a small space.


When you call West Palm Beach AC Expert for AC installation service, rest assured that it will be handled by someone who is proficient at the job. Our experts are trained and experienced with all these systems and use the most energy-friendly way to install them correctly. From planning to laying out the ductwork, no AC installation is too complex for our technicians.

If you require a new AC and also need an expert for its installation and maintenance in West Palm Beach, FL area, then don't hesitate to call us on 561-463-6404 right now!