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Commercial properties are very different from residential ones. For starters, apart from its bigger size, there are more number of people in a given space that are using the same air conditioning as you. Be it a mall or an office complex, they are always cramped with people that can have a huge impact on the indoor temperatures. Add to this the hot summer of West Palm Beach, FL area and you get yourself a recipe for a hot box! Without an effective cooling system, the place can quickly become unbearably warm, making the setting uncomfortable for your employees and customers.

Commercial ACs require specialized installation due to its large sized HVAC systems. They also need ductwork laying as part of the installation process. This work cannot be performed by anyone who isn’t experienced enough to handle it. This is where West Palm Beach AC Expert comes in. We are a reputed AC service company with years of experience in installing, repairing and maintaining HVAC units.


If you are wondering why you need to hire us for your HVAC needs by calling us on 561-463-6404, then consider the following reasons.

We’ve got the proper credentials:

We hire technicians through a rigorous recruitment process and each of our employees undergo background checks to ensure that they have proper credentials required for the job. By doing this, we eliminate scammers who can pose a threat to you and your sensitive business environment.

We never lie:

West Palm Beach AC Expert is a company built on trust and principles of integrity. When you hire us, we give you honest services and assure you complete professionalism.

We’ll reduce operational costs:

We understand how expensive it is to run a business, we have one of our own! This is why we try to curb your costs by controlling energy bills and other costs associated with HVAC units. We make sure that all the air conditioning units perform optimally and do not drain you of your precious energy resources.

We specialize in commercial systems:

We are equipped to handle all sizes of commercial HVAC systems. We train our technicians and only hire the ones that are experienced in handling diverse commercial units and deliver the best solutions as sought by our clients.

24-hour service for you:

Your business setting is vulnerable in critical situations such as AC failure in server room that can result in loss of sensitive data. This is why we work 24/7 so that you always have expert help when you need it. Our service guarantee of 15-minutes allows us to serve you in no time and get your systems up and running quickly.

We do it all:

We don't just install and repair your AC units but do much more than that. West Palm Beach AC Expert is a well-rounded provider of all AC services. Some of them include:

  • West Palm Beach AC Expert West Palm Beach, FL 561-463-6404Consultation on buying the right unit sized accurately to the respective space
  • Ductwork layout
  • Proper installation of complex units
  • Prompt repair services in cases of breakdown
  • Flexible maintenance plans suitable to businesses of all shapes and sizes
  • Provision of overnight service, if required
  • Indoor air quality improvement process
  • Regular maintenance and repair work
  • Emergency services 24/7, anywhere in West Palm Beach, FL


What sets us apart from our competitors is our dedication towards our customers and our experience in handling commercial HVAC services. We don't wait forever to service your needs. When you call us, dispatch our team of experts in no time that reach your doorstep and resolve your concerns quickly. Moreover, for us, your business is no different than ours. This level of commitment allows us to cater to your needs and give you nothing but the best.

Want to get a commercial HVAC service provider onboard? Then call us on 561-463-6404 today!